Welcome to my homepage!

This is the home page of 💎 Tetraspace 💎, and will probably at some point in the future contain lots of cool Tetraspace facts and content!

Things I Care About

Big fan of rationalism and effective altruism. I think at some point this century, the cybersingularity will occur, in which AIs become smarter than people in the non-metaphorical impossible-to-miss way that results in things like planets being dismantled. I think that making AIs that do what we want them to is primarily a mathematical problem that we don't yet know how to solve.

Tetraspace's Shills List

Tetraspace's Shills List, a list of works of fiction that I think are good and that you should read or watch or play or whatever.

Fiction Writing

Sometimes I like to write fiction; here are links to stuff that I've published online.

Contact Me!

I'm in some other places on the internet, and in some of those places, it's possible to talk to me. Here are some of the places where I am: